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DocumentOutput Management

Distribute, archive, and search your content effortlessly

Control and manage the creation, distribution, and storage of documents produced by your organization.

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Transform your archive management

Generate documents using pre-populated templates with predefined fields. Document format customization and integration with existing systems makes it easy to automate the production of documents and streamline processes.

Efficient archive management is crucial for businesses dealing with large volumes of information. Get the highest control over archived content, whether physical or digital and ensure adherence to legal guidelines for document retention and retrieval timelines. By transforming physical business documents into digital records, the archiving system facilitates electronic archiving, efficient management, and seamless accessibility. Organizations reduce costs, minimize working hours, and expedite crucial business processes.

Search and manage your content across multiple applications and content siloes. Make data-driven decisions and improve organizational processes according to insights on the status of all items, deadlines, an overview of assignments per employee and organizational units, and a report on the general business operating of the organization.

Ensure that information is only accessible to authorized persons. A developed access system provides role-based, department-based, or individual user-based access.

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How can an output management system help your business and boost compliance?

Information availability

Security and control

Document compliance and lifecycle control


Capabilities for your next step in digital transformation

With no-code system integrations

Collaborate and organize

your contracts, customer complaints, quality documents, input accounts, insurance policy processing, damage processing, and office operations.

Advanced search through various repositories

Easily search through various repositories, including databases, file systems, email systems, and more. Get fast and accurate results, even when dealing with massive amounts of data.

Store, manage, and organize

Organize, preserve, and protect your records, whether they are digital or physical, with a single solution. Streamline your record-keeping processes, reduce the risk of errors and oversights, and ensure that important information is preserved and easily accessible when needed.

Access documents

stakeholders have access to the information they need, when they need it, regardless of their location or the device they are using.

Business Impact

Only the necessary logistical resources and paper-based process steps are retained in branches and offices. In addition to saving space and paper, time savings are also significant because each user has an instant insight into where each document is located.

One of the key features that benefit the team’s productivity is a simplified collaboration and reduction of the task number since many of them can be automated or simplified. Error risks are minimized thanks to automation and control processes.

Potentiates automation of access rights and process activities with maximum elimination of human errors. With full insight into the archive, access rights, and detailed reports, you can bring data-based decisions.

Each industry carries numerous regulatory frameworks, and it is not easy to keep up with them. Resulting legal proceedings and penalties that can be avoided in many cases with adequate content management. Store your documentation securely and set automated tasks with no error risks.

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