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Content Digitization / Capture

Make your unstructured content actionable data

Take control of your physical and digital documentation and upgrade your business process. Turn high-volume incoming documents and content into classified, indexed, easy-to-use data with access control and regulatory compliance.

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Maximize your digitization strategy: Start at information entry

From any application, e-mail, scanner, MFP (Multifunction printer) device, virtual printer, or file system.

Collect textual information from an image scan in seconds with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Automatic or manual separation of documents and additional information related to the document.

Thanks to the advanced identification system and Machine Learning, you minimize the error risk of document classification.

Define strict business rules for each index field as well as complete documents.

Create customized workflows and automate document processes, empowering employees to focus on non-repetitive activities.

Store processed documents to ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform, Capture system, LOB application, CRM, ERP, Cloud Storage, or the application you want.

The content (usually in PDF) comes with a standard set of metadata and audit/log data.

Product Overview

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How can a content capture system help your business and boost compliance?

Improved collaboration and employer efficiency

Better organization

Increased security

Increased mobility

Capabilities for your next step in digital transformation

Scan, sort, and process

all incoming invoices, payment orders, barcode documentation, loan documentation, and personal documents…

Automate your workflows

Install any demo or template with a single click. You can mix and match all the demos & templates. Every demo can be turned into one or multi-page. You can also use the shop features for all demos.


A metadata-driven approach provides a structured and consistent way to organize and manage content, making it easier to search and retrieve specific pieces of content, automate certain tasks, and ensure consistency and accuracy.

Minimize error-prone content management

An advanced machine learning system combined with optical character recognition (OCR) technology minimizes the potential for errors in content management. By using machine learning to analyze and categorize content, and OCR to extract text from images, the system automates many of the manual tasks, reducing the risk of human error. This leads to increased efficiency and accuracy in content management processes.

Business Impact

Considering the enormous amount of content entering the organization, data management has become a key factor for the efficiency of business processes.

Document capturing provides valuable data and makes workflow automation possible.

Avoid all manual processing risks, automate approval processes, and simplify workflows. 

One of the key features that benefit the team’s productivity is a simplified collaboration and reduction of the task number since many of them can be automated or simplified. Error risks are minimized thanks to the advanced identification system and machine learning.

A very important point of a digital transformation is to understand the data and leverage it. Digital technology can execute tasks that were not imaginable and drive your business into more effective operations and greater value to customers. 

Each industry carries numerous regulatory frameworks, and it is not easy to keep up with them. Resulting legal proceedings and penalties can be avoided in many cases with adequate content management. Store your documentation securely and set a retention period with selective purging

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