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Digital Board Meeting

Experience the benefits of paperless meetings

Make decisions based on relevant information, reduce your prep time, and add consistency and automation to your decision-making.

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Features for efficient board meetings

Faster and easier creation, submission, and distribution of proposals.

Speed up the preparation of the agenda, ensure fast access to the relevant information, and facilitate access to the content of the meetings.

Collect votes, store and distribute decisions in a safe and controlled way.

Keep records and monitor the realization of assigned tasks based on the conclusions reached during the meetings.

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How can a digital board meeting solution help your company, organization, or state administration unit?

Time savings and lower costs during the organization and during the meeting itself

Increased safety of confidential information distribution

Automated processes drive higher efficiency

Easy access and history records of previous meetings

Capabilities for your next step in digital transformation

Create, receive and distribute agenda items and all necessary documentation

All proposals with supporting documentation are placed at the same location.

Define participants and share relevant documentation for the meeting

Automatically create decision documents and minutes of the meeting

All documentation is securely stored in one central location.

Automate task distribution

and create reports on task status and completion.

Business Impact

Enabling the use of a large amount of information and facilitating access to documents and reports, their exchange, and search, the decision-making process is more efficient and the costs are lowered.

One of the key features that benefit the team’s productivity is a simplified collaboration and reduction of the task number since many of them can be automated or simplified. Error risks are minimized thanks to automation and control processes.

A very important point of a digital transformation is to understand the data and leverage it. Digital technology can execute tasks that were not imaginable and drive your business meetings into more effective ones with greater value to organizers and participants.

Paperless meetings mean decreasing tons of printed paper as well as the time needed to prepare and print the documents. Depending on the organization or company size, those expenses can go much higher than imagined.

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